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FROM 1550 - 1750 > CRAFT & INDUSTRY
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  Timber Trade
The timber trade brought to the Munster Plantation its only manufacturing industry. The main centre was the Blackwater where Raleigh was ...
  Timber trade 2
The speculator, Richard Boyle, Earl of Cork, came to Ireland in 1588 and, by 1622, he owned a lot of land including Raleigh’s estate ...
  Metal and Ports
Iron smelting grew as an industry especially in Munster where Boyle’s ironworks were said to contain about 3,000tons of iron in various ...
  Paper Mills
As early as the 1750s Dublin had 12 paper mills and soon it would have 5 foundries and about 12 sugar refineries.
The jobs which were common in rural areas were related to the needs of the agricultural community. Smiths, carpenters, nailmakers, ...
  Linen Industry
In the post restoration period (from 1660) the Duke of Ormonde brought skilled workers from the continent to start linen manufacturing ...
  Miscellaneous Industry
Colonel Hugh Boyd of Ballycastle founded a brewery, a tannery and a bleachyard for those people who lived in his area. So while Ireland ...

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