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FROM 1870 - 1914 > FOOD & COOKING
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  Meeting Street House
In most houses cooking was done over an open fire. Turf was widely used in rural areas and this created a distinctive smell in country ...
  Kerry Farm Kitchen
This photograph taken in 1899 shows a typical kitchen scene in a small Co. Kerry cottage. All the cooking was done over the open turf ...
Among the most common varieties of potatoes grown for home consumption were British Queens and Golden Wonders. The planting of potatoes ...
  Boiling Potatoes
For most poor people living in the countryside potatoes formed the staple diet. They were boiled in large metal pots like this.
  Potato Pounder
When potatoes had been boiled in the cooking pot, they were often mashed by the woman using an iron potato pounder.
  Storing Potatoes
Even in the late 19th century many poor families continued to rely on the potato as their staple diet. Potatoes were stored in the ...
  Potato skins
Many families, who had moved to Belfast from rural areas, kept farm animals in their ‘back entry’. Pigs were kept by many working class ...
For cooking on open fires a metal crane was necessary. It swivelled over the fire allowing the woman of the house to attach various ...
  The Griddle
In most rural cottages the griddle was in regular use. Nearly every woman in rural Ulster could make soda bread. These were produced ...
  A Substantial Farm Kitchen
This 1912 photograph records the scene in a farm kitchen from a house near Ballynahinch, Co. Down. On the table you can see a ...

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