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  City Church
This was Belfast’s main parish church until 1900 when it made way for St. Anne’s cathedral. This Georgian style church was one of ...
  St Anne’s Cathedral
In the 19th century wealthy churchmen in Belfast wanted a cathedral and this led to the construction of St. Anne’s Cathedral in Donegall ...
  St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Armagh.
The great Roman Catholic cathedral in Armagh was completed in 1873. This impressive gothic-style church had a distinctive arched ...
  Sacred Heart Omagh
Provincial towns were also dominated by impressive church buildings. The Sacred Heart church in Omagh was opened in 1899 and occupied a ...
  Country Chapel
Obviously smaller settlements had smaller churches, but even these were impressive and dominated the local landscape. Drumagarner ...
  Chapel Interior
Drumagarner chapel was 96 feet long and 32 feet wide. The photograph gives some indication of the elaborate décor and the eye-catching ...
  Country Church
Second Kilrea Presbyterian church was built at the same time as Drumagarner chapel. It is a simple stone building which cost less than ...
  Church Interior
The interior of this former Presbyterian Church at Ballinasloe is plain and simple and makes a striking contrast to the chapel interior.
  Barn Church
While many new churches were built in the late 19th century, a number survived in their original form from the 17th century. A good ...
  Methodist Church
In Co. Fermanagh there were very few Presbyterian churches. Here Methodist churches like this one in Enniskillen were commonplace.

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