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FROM 1830 - 1860 > SHELTER & HOUSING
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  Farmhouse and Family
This late 19th century photograph taken in Clongorey, Co. Kildare shows the family of a strong farmer posing outside their farmhouse. ...
  Lissadell House
Lissadell House in Co. Sligo is one of Ireland’s finest great houses. It was completed in the 1830s. It was built from grey limestone ...
  A Kitchen Interior
Even strong farmers lived a simple lifestyle, sleeping on wooden beds that usually had straw bedding. Lighting was provided by candle ...
  Corradreenan House
Strong farmers were able to afford comfortable thatched houses like this one in Co. Fermanagh.
  Cottage Industry
This was a typical kitchen scene in a mid 19th century Ulster farmhouse. The wall-dresser is laden with crockery and there is proper ...
This fine dresser belonged to a farmhouse in Co. Down. The panel doors at the bottom were added later in the century.
  Marlfield Farmhouse
This farmhouse with outhouses was built outside Portaferry around 1830. At the time it must have been an impressive structure with its ...
  Houses in Gweedore (Text)
This survey of 9,000 people in a Donegal parish recorded the following sparse items of furniture:- 93 chairs, 7 table-forks 2 ...
  Co. Donegal Cabins
These photographs, taken in Co. Donegal during the 1870s, show the one-roomed cabins used by the poor. These had not changed since the ...
  Barney’s Cottage
Barney’s cottage is a simple single storey building near Downpatrick in Co. Down. It was built from local stone around 1834 and unlike ...

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