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  Malahide Castle
The gentry ran great summer and hunt balls in their homes. Malahide Castle, owned by the famous Talbot family, held many of these great ...
  St Mary’s Chapel
St Mary’s Chapel was a modest place of worship built for only £170. It catered for Belfast’s growing population in the early 19th ...
  Catholic Chapel at Ardglass, Co. Carlow, 1794
This 1794 engraving of a Co. Carlow chapel shows the roof in need of repair. By the second half of the 18th century the relaxation of ...
  Catholic Festival, Co. Wicklow
This popular religious festival (The Festival of St. Kevin) was held annually near Glendalough, Co. Wicklow. The entertainment and ...
  Mass Rock
When the Penal Laws were being strictly enforced in the mid 18th century, Catholics gathered in secret locations to celebrate mass. This ...
  University Education
Trinity College was the only university in Ireland at this time. Nearly all of its students came from wealthy Church of Ireland families.
  Secondary Education
Generally fees had to be paid in the province’s few grammar schools. They taught traditional subjects such as Maths, English and Latin.
  Private Tutor
This newspaper advert shows that a wealthy family could afford to pay a private tutor who would come to the family home.
  Brown Street Sunday School
Early Sunday schools were set up in the late 18th century and they provided lessons in spelling and reading for both adults and children ...
  Linen Hall Library
A new library organised by the Belfast Society for Promoting Knowledge was opened at the end of the 18th century. It provided a meeting ...

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