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FROM 1870 - 1914 > DRESS
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  Shirt Factory
This photograph shows women working in a Derry shirt factory at the beginning of the 20th century. The increase in factory manufactured ...
  Clothes Shop
Mass produced clothes and shoes were sold in this type of shop. The left hand window is completely taken up with a large variety of ...
  Court Dress for Men
This shows the formal dress style for the wealthy classes, as advertised by Edward Minster & Son, Belfast in 1880. The man on the left ...
  Court Dress for Ladies
This 1903 photograph shows a rich lady in Dublin Castle wearing an embroidered court gown with a very long train. You can also see ...
  Day Dress
This single piece brown gown was known as a day dress. It was made out of dark brown wool and buttoned down the front.
By the end of the 19th century women living in fashionable houses would dress in tea-gowns during the afternoon. In these years it was ...
  Sewing Machine
Many dressmakers worked from home. The widespread use of this type of small sewing machine made it much easier for women to make new ...
  Tailorís Bill
The switch to factory-produced clothes reduced opportunities for tailors, but many still earned a living mending and altering clothes. ...
  Travelling Tailor
This man was a travelling tailor. He journeyed around the country doing work for prosperous farmers. Sometimes he would stay with the ...
  Census Return for Drumnahunshin House.
This 1901 census return shows the name of Peter Boyle, a travelling tailor who was staying with the wealthy Patterson family during the ...

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