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FROM 1870 - 1914 > MUSIC
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  Bangor Boat Dance
This photograph shows couples dancing on their annual works trip to Bangor. As a novelty they travelled from Belfast by boat and the ...
  Barn Dance
In some parts of Ulster, barn dances were held at certain times of the year, usually in the spring and early summer when the barns had ...
  Lambeg drum
In summer evenings and especially on the ‘Twelfth’ the sound of the lambeg drum echoed around many parts of Ulster. The sides were made ...
The fife, like the one in the photograph, was made from wood. It was the custom for flute players to steep these older wooden flutes in ...
  Orange Tune
This well known tune, the sash, was a traditional air put to the words of the famous Orange song.
  Flute Band
This is a photograph of Ballygowan Flute Band in Co. Down in the 1880's. Flute bands were popular as their instruments were much cheaper ...
  Christmas Dance
Organised dances were held during important festivals such as Christmas. Most of the dances featured set movements, such as the ...
  Hibernian Tune
Roddy MacCorley was a well known nationalist song which was widely played during the politically tense years just before the First World ...
  Hibernian Band
In the early years of the 20th century the rapid growth of the Ancient Order of Hibernians led to great enthusiasm for the creation of ...
The strong links between Ulster and Scotland meant that piping became a strong cultural tradition. Bagpipes were made by Scottish ...

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