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FROM 1830 - 1860 > CRAFT & INDUSTRY
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  Public Works
This photograph was taken in Co. Galway in 1898, but it gives us an idea of the many public works schemes running during the Famine. It ...
Many families bought cheap imported pots and plates to decorate their dressers, but local potters made most of the red and black ...
The Blacksmith mended iron machinery and sometimes replaced the metal shoes on a horse.
  Fishing Net
In coastal areas fishing was important as it provided an alternative source of food high in protein. This photograph shows fishers ...
  Yeast Basket
Improvements in transport and the introduction of the railways meant that more and more people purchased baskets to move certain goods. ...
  Tinsmith’s Tools
The increased use of tin in the mid 19th century created more opportunities for the tinsmith. As well as making goods the tinsmith often ...
  Thatcher’s Tools
The thatcher’s tools included a mallet, a fork, a rake and a needle. The first layer of thatch was sewn with the needle and in coastal ...
  Cooper’s Tools
Coopers often worked as part-time farmers but at certain times of the year they were very busy with their craft. They had a variety of ...
  Craftsman’s Will and Testament
I leave my flesh unto the dogs, for that’s their precious right, I will my bowels and entrails to the eagle, hawk and kite, To every ...
  Coalisland Spade Mill
Metal was becoming more widely used and gradually it replaced many wooden items. This Coalisland spade mill made special spades, turf ...

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