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FROM 1830 - 1860 > TRANSPORT & TRADE
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  Coach Service
The Italian, Charles Bianconi began his coach service in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary in 1815. By the 1840s his coaches were covering 3,250 ...
  Opening of the Dublin Kingstown Railway
The Dublin Kingstown Railway was opened in 1834. It was the first railway in Ireland, but by 1851 the main lines from Dublin to ...
  Railway Locomotive
The locomotive, Princess, was the first engine to be built by a railway company in its own workshops. It was built for the Dublin ...
  The Hibernia
One of the first engines on the Dublin-Kingston Railway was the Hibernia. It weighed 10 tons and could pull up to 60 tons of carriages ...
  Engine and Carriages
This sketch shows 1st, 2nd and 3rd class carriages on the Dublin-Kingstown route. Note the open top on the 3rd class carriage which was ...
  Bianconi Car
Although the railways took business from the Bianconi cars on the main routes, the coaches were still widely used, moving people to and ...
  Great Victoria Street Station
This splendid station was the Belfast terminus of the Ulster Railway on the new Belfast-Lisburn line.
  Bann Steamer
For a few years in the middle of the 19th century a small screw steamer, the Kitty of Coleraine, operated on the Bann between Coleraine ...
  Water Cart
In towns water had to be transported by horse and cart. This 1860ís painting shows a water cart.
  An Irish Fair
Donnybrook fair was one of the most famous fairs in Ireland. Hawkers, tinkers and peddlers sold a wide variety of goods to the crowds ...

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