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FROM 1830 - 1860 > DRESS
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  The Rural Poor
This 1899 photograph of a female potato picker in Co. Fermanagh gives us some idea of the dress worn by the rural poor in the mid 19th ...
  Irish cloak
The famous hooded Irish cloak was popular with all classes. These cloaks could last a lifetime and they could hide poor clothes underneath.
  Lady’s shoes
This pair of shoes dates from about 1830. They were pale yellow satin shoes with flat soles and a silk ribbon was used for tying.
  Irish girls making crinolines
Young women in rural Ireland tried to follow current fashions by making their own crinolines out of willow rods. This picture shows them ...
  John Mitchel
John Mitchel, the Young Ireland leader of the 1840s, had a distinctive moustache and a trimmed beard much favoured by educated, middle ...
  Man in breeches
Rural people continued to wear breeches like these long after they had fallen out of fashion.
  The Royal Family at Home
Usually children were dressed like grown ups but Prince Edward changed fashions when he was dressed in this sailor suit in 1849.
  Mourning Jewellery
Mourning jewellery was also widely worn. Initially much of this jewellery was made out of bog oak.
  Mourning Dress
In Victorian times families wore special mourning clothes to mark the recent death of a father or husband.
  John G McGee & Co’s Pantechnetheca
This 1846 advertisement for a Belfast store lists dress coats, frock coats, riding coats, and waistcoats among the items it had for ...

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