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  Taking the pledge
The scale of drinking in Ireland led churches and charities to organise the temperance movement. In 1838 Father Matthew started an ...
  Cardinal Cullen
Cardinal Paul Cullen was Archbishop of Armagh 1849-52 and then Dublin 1852-78. Cullen reorganised the Catholic Church in Ireland ...
  Cruckaclady Bedroom
When a member of the family died the bedroom was arranged for the laying out of the body on the bed. This is a reconstruction of the ...
  Corpse House
Surprisingly, there was great demand for corpses. These found their way to universities, particularly Edinburgh, where they were used ...
For certain special occasions such as weddings young men and boys wore straw masks. This tradition was very popular in rural Ulster.
  A Country Pub
There has always been a strong drinking culture in Ireland. Every village had at least one pub like this one and larger towns had many. ...
This is a sketch of a bride being escorted to her new husbandís home. Most marriages in the countryside were arranged between ...
  St. Maryís Church, Cork
St. Maryís Dominican Church in Cork was designed in 1832, though it took many years to complete. It gives us some indication of the ...
The Ribbonmen were a secret society which spread through most of Ulster in the mid-19th century. Their gatherings were marked by secret ...
  Blessing for Irish Emigrants
This 1851 Illustrated London News sketch shows a priest giving his blessing to a group of departing emigrants. Religion was often very ...

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