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  Tullig Village
This striking Illustrated London News sketch of Tullig village in the Kilrush district of Clare shows how landlords and their agents ...
  Population Change, 1841-51
Death and emigration reduced the Irish population from 8.2 million in 1841 to 6.6 million in 1851. The map shows that this decrease was ...
  Turnly’s Tower
For most of the 1800s the area immediately in front of Turnly’s Tower in Cushendall was a popular meeting place. It was the site of a ...
  Cushendall Court and Market House
This was the court house in Cushendall which dealt with a variety of minor offences.
  Orange Hall
This old thatched building was used by local Orangemen in Moneydig, Co. Derry in the mid 19th century. The Order was often suppressed ...
  Queen Victoria’s Visit
Queen Victoria’s one and only visit to Belfast attracted large crowds. It took place in 1849.
  Christ Church, Belfast
Christ Church in Belfast was built in 1833. It was an imposing structure designed by the Dublin architect, William Farrell. The ...
  Ballyverdaugh National School
This is a reconstruction of Ballyverdaugh National School near Ballycastle in Co. Antrim. The national school system was established in ...
  Castletown National School
Castletown National School was opened in 1845. It is a simple, thatched, whitewashed building. One problem the pupils attending ...
  National School, Keady
This school opened in the early 1830s. It had cost £160 to build and could accommodate up to 150 pupils. This was a very large school ...

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