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Before the end of the Famine the Young Ireland movement staged a rebellion at Ballingarry, Co. Tipperary. They clashed with police who ...
  Monster Meeting
OíConnellís great Repeal Meetings of 1843 drew huge crowds. These meetings were a great spectacle and thousands of people would line ...
  Portlaw Village
Portlaw village in Co. Waterford was an example of a carefully planned settlement. It provided suitable housing (designed for different ...
  Father Matthew
The great temperance campaigner, Father Matthew, devoted himself to reducing alcohol abuse in Ireland. He drew great crowds to his ...
  Cork Church
This beautiful Cork Church was designed in 1832 and it was almost 50 years before the building was completed. It attracted very large ...
  Workhouse Plan
This workhouse plan shows how inmates were segregated into male and female, young and old. Even husbands and wives were separated.
  Petty Sessions
This sketch shows a petty session court in progress in the 1840s. Three magistrates are listening to the arguments between the two men. ...
  Parish Church, Kilrea
A new parish church was built in Kilrea in 1840. The beautiful building cost £6000. The organ, one of the oldest in Ireland, is ...
  Plaguey Hill
The rapid growth of Belfast in the early part of the 19th century contributed to the spread of disease in the poor conditions. Belfast ...
This sketch records a scene in Cork in the 1830s. It shows a swarm of beggars surrounding a coach. Nearly every traveller to Ireland ...

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