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FROM 1750 - 1830 > FOOD & COOKING
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  Dish Ring
Dish rings, like the one in the picture, were placed under hot dishes to protect polished table tops. In the 1770s they were often ...
  Limerick cup and spoon
At the great social banquets held in the great Georgian country houses the tables were adorned with the finest silver cutlery and china. ...
This stave-built wooden bucket was known as a noggin and was widely used in rural Ireland.
  Bog Butter
This container of bog butter was dug up in Co. Tyrone. Farmers used to bury butter in bogs to preserve it for times when milk was in ...
Farmersí wives or daughters churned milk to make butter which was sold in the local market. The buttermilk which was left was used by ...
  Salt Box
Salt was kept in a special salt box that hung on the wall near the hearth. It was used to preserve meat and bacon for use in the winter ...
  Ice House
The gentry class sometimes had a cold store or ice-house for preserving food. Ice was collected in winter from frozen ponds and placed ...
  Smoking Food
Wide chimneys were sometimes used to smoke meat. This was a common practice among prosperous farmers.
  Poteen Still
Illegal whiskey, or poteen, was made in many remote areas. The main piece of equipment in the production process was the still. Poteen ...
  Serving Potatoes
This 1822 description shows how a family set about eating the main meal of the day.

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