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FROM 1750 - 1830 > DRESS
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  Homespun Clothing
Many families in rural areas made clothes from cloth which had been produced in their own homes hence the name homespun clothing.
  Frock Coat
By 1830 this type of frock coat has become fashionable. Made from wool and with a high collar, these coats were both smart and warm.
  The Schoolmaster
This late 18th century work shows a schoolmaster dressed in an unlined Killery-style Irish coat with no hem and no back seam in the bodice.
  The Great Coat
Many of the people surrounding the fiddler are wearing great coats all of which had capes. The man in the centre is also wearing a ...
  Morning robe
This late 18th century morning robe was worn over a petticoat. The full skirt was shaped over a bustle which contrasts sharply with the ...
  Women in muslin
From the beginning of the 19th century this type of high waisted muslin gown was very popular among fashionable ladies.
  The Fashionable Lady, 1779
This lady is wearing a short polonaise. Her hair has a hanging chignon at the back and even the child has a turban decorated with flowers.
  Irish Polonaise
This gown with its low, square neckline was known as an Irish Polonaise
  Open robe
This open robe is trimmed with knotted silk. This could be bought locally.
  Lady Fitzgerald, 1765
Lady Fitzgerald was a leading society figure in the late 18th century. Here she is wearing a black lace tippet over a silk open robe. ...

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