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FROM 1750 - 1830 > MUSIC
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  Edward Bunting
Edward Bunting was the organiser of the Belfast Harp Festival. He devoted his life to the collection of traditional Irish music and ...
  Church Music
In many churches Psalm 23, The Lord’s my Shepherd was sung almost every week. The congregations all knew the words of this psalm.
  Tuning Fork
In some Presbyterian churches no music was provided and the congregation was given the right note to begin singing with a tuning fork ...
  The Lambeg
Another percussion instrument made from goatskin was the lambeg drum. It was used in Orange processions.
It is claimed that the bodhran is Ireland’s oldest product. It was used by musicians in this period as a percussion instrument. Made ...
  Public Concerts
Musical concerts in the larger towns and cities were popular with the wealthy classes.
  The Kilruddery Hunt
The Kilruddery Hunt was a famous hunting song set to the old Irish tune (Celia O’Gara). It describes the exploits of sporting huntsmen ...
  Dancing to the Irish Pipes
At rural fairs the uillean pipes were a common sight.
  Ballad Seller
Favourite songs, like today’s pop music, were printed on broadsheets and sold in fairs and markets.
  Ballad Singer
This famous painting shows a ballad singer entertaining the crowd at a religious festival. Frequently, Irish singers sang without ...

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