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Radical Irish nationalists led by the United Irishmen had been influenced by events in Revolutionary France and they staged a rebellion ...
  A rural funeral
The families of the strong farmers ensured that they were given a ‘good funeral’ when the time came. All the neighbours would follow ...
  Horse Shoe
Horse-shoes were a symbol of good luck. They were often placed on a door or laid on the bottom of a milk churn to bring good luck.
  Altar Table
This mahogany table was used as an altar table during Penal times. It belonged to a Catholic home in Belfast where mass was said in secret.
  Revival Meeting
This painting captures the scene at a revival meeting in 1751. These meetings often took place out of doors. This is George Whitefield, ...
  Ardboe Cross
Ardboe Cross stands near the western shore of Lough Neagh in Co. Tyrone. The cross was hundreds of years old but in the early 19th ...
  Catholic Chapel at Ardglass, Co. Carlow, 1794
The impact of the Penal Laws meant that most chapels like this one in Co. Carlow were very simple buildings. Where buildings did not ...
  Co. Wexford Church
There were many small Parish churches in the south of Ireland catering for the scattered Church of Ireland communities. This is the ...
  Faction Fights
At fairs and markets fights often took place between family groups. These were very violent and grudges were often carried for generations.
  Grouse Shooting
For the rich, grouse shooting was a popular pastime. Pheasants were also shot.

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