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  Boarding House
This boarding house was in Derry’s Bridge Street. Frequently emigrants stayed in these boarding houses as ships did not leave as ...
  Shipping Merchant
This was the home and office of a major shipping merchant in Belfast. These offices were busy establishments in the 19th century.
  Signing an indenture
In the late 18th century the cost of a fare to America was £3 to £4, but poor people could emigrate for nothing if they signed an ...
  Success in America
John Dunlap had emigrated from Strabane, Co. Tyrone. In America he began a printing business and soon had a large fortune. He was able ...
  Looking for Craftsmen
This piece from the Belfast News-Letter in March 1771 shows that the demand for craftsmen and labourers in America was such that they ...
  News from America
People in Ulster were encouraged to move to America by news they received from family and friends who had already emigrated.
  Shipping Advertisement
Ships brought goods from America to Ulster and the shipping companies wanted to fill them with passengers for the return journey.
  News-Letter Advertisement
Shipping companies quickly responded to the increasing demand for passages to America.
  The Port of Londonderry
As the sailing ships crossing the Atlantic were very small, emigrants left from many ports including Londonderry.
Throughout the 17th century Scots had poured into Ulster but by the beginning of the 18th century this had stopped. Soon there was a ...

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