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  Leaving Home 2
Mellon described the journey by jaunting car away from the homestead.
  Leaving Home 1
This was Thomas Mellon’s description of the departure of his grandparents and uncles from their native Co. Tyrone.
  Pennsylvania Farmhouse
If the new settlers did well they could afford to build these large two-storey farmhouses. Some were made of stone, though timber ...
  Log Cabin
Many of the new settlers built this type of log cabin, cut from logs in the nearby forests. This example had two rooms.
  Conestoga Wagon
Once the immigrants reached the frontier there was plenty of cheap uncleared land. To get there many of them hired a Conestogan Wagons ...
  Arrival in America
Some of the new arrivals were met by family members already in America but most had to find their own way. Many went inland to work on ...
  Sailing Ship
Most passengers travelled on cargo ships that were not really suited to carrying people.
  Departure from Home
Often before people left for America their neighbours would attend a ‘living wake’, staying with them on the night before their departure.
  Shipping List
This shipping list of 1771-73 records the ships that sailed to America, with ‘Scotch-Irish’ emigrants from Ulster.
  Going on ahead
Obviously the thought of making a journey to America in the 18th century was a huge decision. As you can see from this newspaper ...

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