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  Ship’s Boat
The journey to America in these sailing ships was often hazardous. The only means of survival if the Brig Union sank was this rowing ...
  The Deck
Passengers were allowed on deck in calm weather as long as they kept out of the crew’s way.
  The Caboose
Meals were prepared in the caboose and then carried below deck for eating. Most passengers brought their own food with them. Bacon and ...
  Brig Union Steerage
Conditions for passengers on the Brig Union were not good. Up to 200 of them were crammed into the 100 foot long ship. They had little ...
  Brig Union
The Brig Union was an early 19th century emigrant ship. Some of the cargo brought from America can be seen sitting on the quayside
  Beggar’s Badge
Ireland had large numbers of beggars. They either could not or would not emigrate. To beg in some towns beggars needed special permission.
  Convict List
This is a list of convicted prisoners who were transported to Australia for relatively minor offences.
  Downpatrick Jail
Sometimes prisoners were deported to America. This stopped in 1776 when the Americans refused to take any more of them, and prisoners ...
  Woodland Indians
The native Indians lived by hunting and farming. Sometimes there was trouble between the natives and the new settlers.
  Leaving Home 3
This was Mellon’s description of the old house that they had left.

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