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contents : Early Medieval : Shelter & Housing

Summary: Deer Park Settlement

Key dates:

A group of five wicker houses were excavated at a ring fort at Deer Park, Glenarm, Co Antrim. The wickerwork, bedding and floors were well preserved. It appears that there was a stone kerbed hearth in the centre and a bed on either side against the wall. These houses also had backhouses. All the houses were doubled walled, using mainly hazel branches although oak and alder were used. Quite a sophisticated form of basket weaving was used for the walls and all sharp ends were tucked in. The maximum height was 2.5 metres (8 feet). The door frame was very well preserved. It had oak jambs and there were signs that the door would have pivoted. The door was only about 1 metre high. The outlines of up to thirty houses were found at Deer Park and their layout and design indicate that lower grades of landowners lived there.

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Deer Park Settlement

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