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contents : Bronze and Iron Ages : Craft & Industry

Summary: New Forms of Pottery and Beaker People

Key dates:

In the earlier Bronze Age the preoccupation with pottery and metal goods indicates that these items were symbols of status and wealth. It was also at this time that “beaker” pottery was developed. The finest examples of these beakers took hours to make. Their value would have been enhanced undoubtedly by the mead-like alcoholic liquid, traces of which have been found in these beakers. These beakers were much sought after by certain groups in society and they were exchanged and copied widely. Many other items have been found in Beaker sites; tanged copper daggers, stone wrist guards, barbed and tanged flint arrowheads and V shaped perforated buttons have all been found. Four major pottery groups or traditions have been identified and linked with burial customs: · Bowl tradition – well decorated beakers for both burial and cremation · Vase tradition – for cremation mainly · Cordoned urn – had two narrow horizontal ribs on outside · Collared urn – had a distinctive collar between mouth and neck

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